Great sign!


The blind eyes are starting to open!

For the past few months I have been very cynical about how the world has been reacting to the tradgedies forced up on others.

At last it appears there is a reaction. Slowly but surely, around the world people are opening their eyes to the events that are occuring and realising they are not what they seem.

Where protests have been let go, due to political correctness, the same political correctness allows for the rebuke. The originators cannot tolerate this, and will just destroy the others right to have the same rights that they themselves have abused.

France has awoken, America is starting to wake up at last. Britain needs to do something very fast to combat the turning tide.

We live in a free world, where men and women are equal. Where are the 50%, the women, who have the most to lose? Instead of there being an uproar, there is silence, apart from the very few who are brave enough to speak out.

Turn the tide now, before it is too late.